Professional Ruby Series, CD-ROM Mongrel, Routing, RESTful, Plugins, and Rubyisms

Rails Routing focuses on the extensive and powerful routing subsystem in Rails–the suite of techniques for manipulating the process by which incoming requests to a Rails application can be matched with, or mapped to, specific actions. Rails Refactoring to Resources. If you’re new to Representational State Transfer (REST), this Short Cut will help you decide which parts of the REST paradigm you want to introduce to your application. If you’re a developer with more RESTful experience, it will introduce you to some refactorings that will give your application a cleaner, leaner code base. Rubyisms in Rails is an examination of how the style of Ruby informs the design of Rails.

In particular, it looks at a few specific examples of how Rails‘ internal code is implemented in Ruby to instruct about Ruby’s design principles. Rails Plugins teaches you what plugins are, how they work, and why they’re useful. Discover how to find and install plugins using the provided script, then explore the world of plugin development, including common plugin idioms, testing, and version control. Finally, learn how to share your own plugins. Mongrel introduces the fast, versatile Ruby Web server.If you build or manage Web applications, this will be a useful reference as you set up and use Mongrel in your development and production environments.

Also teaches how to extend Mongrel.

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  • Verlag: (2007-08-05 )
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  • Sprache: english
  • ISBN-10: 0132417995
  • Autor(en): Dave Thomas, David A. Black
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