Ruby for Rails: Ruby Techniques for Rails Developers

What’s Inside *How Ruby and Rails work, separately and together *Extensive Ruby language tutorial *Ruby techniques for Rails applications *Explore the Rails framework source code A new level of programming power and versatility awaits Ruby on Rails developers who master not only the conventions of Rails but the workings of the Ruby language itself. Because Rails itself and all Rails applications are written in Ruby, the knowledge of Ruby this book gives you will dramatically improve your Rails programming.

You’ll gain an intimate understanding of how familiar Rails idioms actually work. And you’ll find expanded possibilities for your applications using custom-written Ruby. Crystal-clear explanations of key Ruby programming techniques and extensive working examples will draw you into both the language and the framework. Web developers just coming to Ruby through Rails will get a solid, uniquely Rails-aware treatment of the language – and a vital, Ruby-aware perspective on Rails. And seasoned Rails programmers will knock away the last bits of the Ruby “glass ceiling,” and take their insight and skill to the next level.

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  • Verlag: (2006-05-11 )
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  • ISBN-10: 1932394699
  • Autor(en): David A. Black
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