Screencast: Pickle mit Cucumber

Neue Woche, neuer Screencast. In dieser Woche behandelt Ryan Pickle, eine Erweiterungs-Gem für Cucumber. Nebenbei gibt es ein bisschen Knowhow zu diffs.

Download(32.5 MB, 16:43)
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rails store
sudo rake gems:install RAILS_ENV=test
script/generate cucumber
script/generate pickle
script/generate rspec_model product name:string price:decimal
rake db:migrate
rake db:test:clone
script/generate rspec_controller products show
cucumber features -q

# config/environments/test.rb
config.gem "rspec", :lib => false, :version => ">=1.2.9"
config.gem "rspec-rails", :lib => false, :version => ">=1.2.9"
config.gem "webrat", :lib => false, :version => ">=0.5.3"
config.gem "cucumber", :lib => false, :version => ">=0.4.3"
config.gem "pickle", :lib => false, :version => ">=0.1.21"

# product_steps.rb
Then(/^I should see products table$/) do |expected_table|
html_table = table_at("#products").to_a! { |r|! { |c| c.gsub(/<.+?>/, “) } }

# display_products.feature
Feature: Display Products
In order to purchase the right product
As a customer
I want to browse products and see detailed information

Scenario: Show product
Given a product exists with name: "Milk", price: "2.99"
When I go to the show page for that product
Then I should see "Milk" within "h1"
And I should see "$2.99"

Scenario: List products
Given the following products exist
| name | price |
| Milk | 2.99 |
| Puzzle | 8.99 |
When I go to path "/products"
Then I should see products table
| Milk | $2.99 |
| Puzzle | $8.99 |
Then show me the page