Prototype and You Never Knew JavaScript Could Do This! (Pragmatic Programmers)

Web applications are getting richer and richer, with more interaction baked in every day. But JavaScript, DOM, CSS and a full host of other Web standards are quite complex, and the result isn’t always browser compliant. The Prototype and libraries are veritable treasure troves, smoothing over all the usual nitty-gritty differences between browsers, and making most common features a breeze to implement.

With this book, you can quickly wield the whole power of these extraordinary libraries. You can dive into Prototype, the library that makes JavaScript so much more powerful, and it looks a lot like Ruby code.Exploring the DOM, handling events, taming AJAX, and radically simplifying most of your scripting code: it all becomes easy – and very portable – with Prototype. When it comes to advanced UI features, is every web developer’s dream come true: whether you need to create auto-completed text inputs, implement in-place editors, provide customized drag-and-drop behaviors, capture your users‘ attention with visual effects or simply build DOM fragments more efficiently, it’s all there, and lightweight too.

This book guides you through all the details of these features, letting you use many technologies on the server side, such as PHP, vanilla Ruby, and Ruby On Rails, in countless examples illustrating every aspect. Power users will also learn the design philosophies of the libraries, and how to contribute to them and augment them for their own needs.

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