Update Rails 2.0.2

Heute wurde von DHH ein weiteres Update für Rails zur Verfügung gestellt. Neben kleineren Bugfixes sind ein paar Änderungen hinzugekommen

Sqlite3 ist nun die Standard-DB, wenn eine Rails Applikation erstellt wird und im Production-Environment ist ein weiterer Paramter hinzugekommen, der das nach Nachladen der Views steuert:
config.action_view.cache_template_loading = true

Dies ist die Liste der sonstigen Änderungen:

Action Pack

  • Added delete_via_redirect and put_via_redirect to integration testing #10497 [philodespotos]
  • Allow headers[‘Accept’] to be set by hand when calling xml_http_request #10461 [BMorearty]
  • Added OPTIONS to list of default accepted HTTP methods #10449 [holoway]
  • Added option to pass proc to ActionController::Base.asset_host for maximum configurability #10521 [chuyeow]. Example:

    ActionController::Base.asset_host = Proc.new { |source|
    if source.starts_with?(’/images’)

  • Fixed that ActionView#file_exists? would be incorrect if @first_render is set #10569 [dbussink]
  • Added that Array#to_param calls to_param on all it’s elements #10473 [brandon]
  • Ensure asset cache directories are automatically created. #10337 [Josh Peek, Cheah Chu Yeow]
  • render :xml and :json preserve custom content types. #10388 [jmettraux, Cheah Chu Yeow]
  • Refactor Action View template handlers. #10437, #10455 [Josh Peek]
  • Fix DoubleRenderError message and leave out mention of returning false from filters. Closes #10380 [Frederick Cheung]
  • Clean up some cruft around ActionController::Base#head. Closes #10417 [ssoroka]

Active Record

  • Ensure optimistic locking handles nil #lock_version values properly. Closes #10510 [rick]
  • Make the Fixtures Test::Unit enhancements more supporting for double-loaded test cases. Closes #10379 [brynary]
  • Fix that validates_acceptance_of still works for non-existent tables (useful for bootstrapping new databases). Closes #10474 [hasmanyjosh]
  • Ensure that the :uniq option for has_many :through associations retains the order. #10463 [remvee]
  • Base.exists? doesn’t rescue exceptions to avoid hiding SQL errors. #10458 [Michael Klishin]
  • Documentation: Active Record exceptions, destroy_all and delete_all. #10444, #10447 [Michael Klishin]

Active Resource

  • Added more specific exceptions for 400, 401, and 403 (all descending from ClientError so existing rescues will work) #10326 [trek]
  • Correct empty response handling. #10445 [seangeo]

Active Support

  • Ruby 1.9 compatibility. #1689, #10466, #10468 [Cheah Chu Yeow, Pratik Naik, Jeremy Kemper]
  • TimeZone#to_s uses UTC rather than GMT. #1689 [Cheah Chu Yeow]
  • Refactor of Hash#symbolize_keys! to use Hash#replace. Closes #10420 [ReinH]
  • Fix HashWithIndifferentAccess#to_options! so it doesn’t clear the options hash. Closes #10419 [ReinH]


  • Changed the default database from mysql to sqlite3, so now running “rails myapp” will have a config/database.yml that’s setup for SQLite3 (which in OS X Leopard is installed by default, so is the gem, so everything Just Works with no database configuration at all). To get a Rails application preconfigured for MySQL, just run “rails -d mysql myapp” [DHH]
  • Turned on ActionView::Base.cache_template_loading by default in config/environments/production.rb to prevent file system stat calls for every template loading to see if it changed (this means that you have to restart the application to see template changes in production mode) [DHH]
  • Introduce `rake secret` to output a crytographically secure secret key for use with cookie sessions #10363 [revans]
  • Fixed that local database creation should consider local #9026 [parcelbrat]
  • Fixed that functional tests generated for scaffolds should use fixture calls instead of hard-coded IDs #10435 [boone]
  • Added db:migrate:redo and db:migrate:reset for rerunning existing migrations #10431, #10432 [matt]
  • RAILS_GEM_VERSION may be double-quoted also. #10443 [James Cox]